The Walking Doze

I'm sticking my head in because I watched the S10 extra episodes "premiere". What is the point of these episodes? "We have so many stories to tell." No, you have one story that you've worked variations on for TEN SEASONS.

It is so boring. First of all, I don't care about almost any of the characters any more except Daryl, Carol and Alpha's daughter. I used to adore Eugene but now he's pretty much interchangeable with everyone else.

The usual--places destroyed, people scattered to the wind, minor characters dying after a few lines of dialogue, "we gotta save our people" evil groups blah blah blah. Plus Star Wars storm troopers with mysteriously shiny clean white armor. Spare me.

Also, where the fuck do all of the zombies come from? Every season they kill shitloads of zombies and yet there are still monstrous herds! Is New York flying them in? Did they all move to Georgia for the climate?

I used to watch Talking Dead even though I knew it was basically bullshit but this time I didn't bother. "We're so excited! On our show tonight we have a minor character who had four scenes last season, one regular who isn't that important, executive producer Angela Kang, and some twink who runs our Twitch account!"

Carol Forest

Probably Closed For Business...

Even though I was pleased when gega_cai let me be the mod of this community two years ago, I could see quickly that the level of interest was way down. Since then, an episode discussion post has resulted in an average of 3 - 4 replies at a time. And I'm the only one posting.

And I'm no longer really watching the show. I read the Spoiling Dead summaries and I don't recognize most of the names. Who cares who Magna is? Plus I can't add any tags, which has been frustrating.

If someone else wants to pick up the gauntlet, feel free to do so. I'm happy I was able to participate.
Curves Cause Trouble

Walking Dead, Season 9 Episode 4 Discussion Post

Episodes 4 and 5 are going to be Rick Grimes's final episodes, so I figured I should put up a discussion post for those who need to process their feelings.

From the season 9 promos, I guessed there would be a new group entirely that would be brought into the mix (not the Whisperers). The new group has a deaf member, that's all I can remember.

Season 9 The Walking Dead Ep. 2, "The Bridge" Discussion Post

Here's the discussion post for "The Bridge". As we have seen, some of the folks are upset about Maggie's choice to execute Gregory, and not to let Tammy Rose see her imprisoned husband. Michonne asks Jesus to talk to Maggie. There is a rumor that Aaron will lose an arm in an accident while helping to build the bridge.

Maintainer note: this will be the last discussion post. The interest is too low to keep doing it. If someone else wants to post one, that's fine. It's also frustrating that I cannot add tags, such as season 9, and any of the newer characters.