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Welcome to walkingdead_tv, the LJ community dedicated to the AMC TV series based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead.

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30th-Aug-2015 07:01 pm - FTWD Episode Discussion Post: 1x02
Season 1, Episode 2 "So Close, Yet So Far" - SPOILERS WITHIN!

EPISODE DISCUSSION POST Feel free to post your thoughts during and post-show airing here. Also, please, do not post spoilers for eps beyond this one. Anything about a future episode isn't to be in the discussion post for tonight's episode.

Please, DO NOT discuss any parent series' comic book spoilers within this post! Folks who haven't read the GN prefer to have no hint of what may happen later in the main show. Thank you!

Sidenote: My apologies for no discussion post last week! I worked a different Sunday shift than I normally do and by the time I'd gotten home, I'd forgotten the show started that night! It wasn't until Monday afternoon I remembered! Hope you're all enjoying the new series. I'm going to rewatch the premiere before tonight's episode and see if that changes the reservations I had after last week.
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30th-Aug-2015 12:50 am - Confessions Blog
Hi everyone! I wanted to let you know about a confessions blog that I run on Tumblr called KissAndTellConfess. I've also created a mirror blog for Live Journal. All fandoms are welcome, including The Walking Dead. Please see the rules before posting your confessions. Also, see Tumblr for past confessions. Pretty much anything goes with a few exceptions that are stated in the rules. Click here for the Tumblr blog. Click here for the LJ blog.

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20th-Aug-2015 05:25 am - Two Fics. Experience, Sweat on Skin
Title: Experience
Pairing: Carol/Beth (Bethol)
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Summary: It's Beth's eighteenth birthday and there's only one thing she wants to know: What's it like to get off? That's not something Carol can tell her...but she can show her.
Warnings: None since Beth's 18+ in this fic (unless you need a warning for femmeslash)

Read here at FF.Net or here at AO3


Title: Sweat on Skin
Pairing: Carol/Beth (Bethol)
Fandom: The Walking Dead
Summary: Rick discovers something surprising about Beth on one of his nighttime walks.
Warnings: None since Beth's 18+ in this fic

Read here at FF.Net or here at AO3
Norman Reedus 1
I just can't excited about "Fear The Walking Dead".

Because when you take away the original, this seems like any other zombie apocalypse movie.  "What's going on?  Why is Buzz acting weird?  Where did Naomi go?  Who is that shambling figure?"

The premise seems tired.  What do you all think?

Mods: should there be a fear the walking dead tag?
Possible spoilers for the news series in Fear the Walking Dead: A Look at the Series (links to amc.com). It's described as "It`s an apocalyptic education. It's essentially... what happened while Rick Grimes was in a coma."

30th-Jul-2015 12:25 pm - Awesome EW Photoshoot
If you haven’t yet seen our new EW Walking Dead cover starring Melissa McBride, Andy Lincoln, and Norman Reedus, you should. Because it’s awesome. But the awesomeness does not stop there. We also had photographer Dan Winter shoot the trio for the opener to our story, and when he did, some hijinks ensued.

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